Pressure spraying humidifier (SYS, SYL series)

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Pressure spraying humidifier (SYS, SYL series)

Pressure spraying humidifier (SYS, SYL series)



  For compound air conditioning and new blower group

Product features:

  ◇ 20 —600 kg/h spraying range, complete kinds

  ◇ High efficient and energy saving

  ◇ High tech ceramics spraying nozzle jetting technology

  ◇ Special pump for humidifying

  ◇ Standard self control interface

  ◇ Non-water protection function

Working principle:

  The pressure spraying humidifying means to add pressure to water through humidifier and then transfer to nozzle though pipe; the high pressure water spray from the special home in rotating way and atomizes in the air. The sprayed vapor exchanges with the air to realize atomizing and humidifying. It is high efficient, energy saving, safe and reliable, especially for large space air conditioner, new fan gourd and compound air conditioner. From humidifying efficiency and cost comprehensive analysis, it is of high economic benefits.

Usage condition:

  Temperature: main body 1℃~40℃≤85%RH; nozzle 1℃~80℃

  Feeding water quality: water, purified water and similar water

  Feeding water pressure:1.0kgf/cm2~5.0kgf/cm2

  Feeding water temperature:4℃~55℃

  Humidifying section (air and water combination section): length > 0.45m

  Intake air speed: V=0.5~3.5m/s

  Intake air temperature: t≥15℃

Product specs:

Model SYS-30 SYS-50 SYS-75 SYS-100 SYL-125 SYL-150 SYL-175 SYL-200 SYL-225 SYL-250 SYL-300 SYL-400 SYL-500 SYL-600
Spraying volume kg/h 2.5kg/cm² 25 45 69 88 110 32 55 206 210 240 295 396 495 595
3.5kg/cm² 30 52 78 102 130 115 180 30 230 260 315 417 570 620
Pipe length (mm) 2×300 3×300 3×300 4×300 4×300 5×300 6×300 7×300 8×300 10×300 13×300 16×300 21×300 26×300
Power   Single phase220V  50Hz
Rated power(W)   380W
Electromagnetic valve   Single phase220V  50Hz  15W  Single phase220V  50Hz  40W
Pressure meter   Range0-1Mpa  φ42axial direction
Water feeding diameter   DN15
Weight(kg)   12  13

Model instruction:


  E.g.: SYS-50K means that the humidifying range is 50Kg/h low noise pressure spraying humidifier; it is with water lack protection switch and can enter into protection status automatically while lacking of water to avoid damage to humidifying pump.

  Note: the spraying range is not the same with required air conditioning valid humidifying range. The two are totally different.

  ①Spraying volume: it means all the spraying volume under normal working condition of pressure spraying humidifier

  ②Valid humidifying volume: it means the spraying can gasify the water in flow air under standard heating condition

  ③Valid humidifying volume equals to spraying volume multiplies with humidifying efficiency

Humidifying efficiency and saturation efficiency:

  Isenthalpic humidifying process: the pressure spraying humidifier realizes the heat and humidity exchange by atomizing the water and letting the atomizing particles contact with air. The atomizing particles absorb the heat in the air and evaporate to increase humidity, latent heat. And the temperature (sensible heat) in the air reduces. During the process, the total enthalpy does not change, which is the isenthalpic humidifying process.

  Humidifying efficiency=valid humidifying volume or spraying volume×100%

  Saturation efficiency=dry bulb temperature before humidifying- dry bulb temperature after humidifying/ dry bulb temperature before humidifying- saturated wet bulb temperature

Air conditioning type Humidifying section Air temperature Humidifying efficiency Saturation efficiency
Fresh air unit 500mm 30℃ 33% 70%
Compound air conditioner 500mm 35℃ 35% 65%

  Selection cases:

  E.g.: If the customer uses one fresh air unit with fan volume of 4000m3/h and wants to match one pressure spraying humidifier for winter humidifying in building. The indoor temperature condition in water is -10℃and 60%RH and the customer wants to reach 22℃ and 45%RH.


  1.By checking i-d picture, it can be known that when it is -10℃ and 60%RH in outdoor winter, the water content in air is 0.0010kg/kg

   When it is 22℃ and 45%RH in room, the water content in air is 0.0073kg/kg

  2.Valid humidifying volume calculating: W=SG×Q×(X2-X1)×K



  3.If the humidifying section is 500mm, the temperature of ventilation is over 35℃ after heat exchanging. If using PVC or metal dash plate, the humidifying efficiency is 33%

  →humidifying spraying volume W1=33.3/33%=100kg/h

  Available humidifier: SYS-100 ×1 set

  4.If the humidifying section is 500mm, the temperature of ventilation is over 35℃ after heat exchanging. If using 50mm wet-film dash plate, the humidifying efficiency is 40%

  →humidifying spraying volume W2=33.3/40%=83kg/h

  Available humidifier: SYS-100 ×1 set

  5.If the humidifying section is 500mm, the temperature of ventilation is over 35℃ after heat exchanging. If using 100mm wet-film dash plate, the humidifying efficiency is 50%

  →humidifying spraying volume W3=33.3/50%=67kg/h

  Available humidifier: SYS-75 ×1 set


  If using wet-film dash plate, the humidifying section can be shortened to 400mm from 500mm. but if using PVC or metal dash plate, it can not be shortened. Or the humidifying volume can not be reached.

Dash plate usage:

  ·We suggest using dash plate after pressure spraying humidifying in air conditioning group. And wet-film dash plate is better;

  ·We suggest expending wind pipe size and lowering the wind speed (below 3.0m/s) and using wet-film dash plate;

  ·The comparison of various dash plate for pressure spraying humidifier

  Water absorption rate Watertight rate Water passing rate Temperature resistant property Wine resistance Secondary humidifying effect Weight
wet-film dash plate Good Excellent <0.5% 150℃ <16Pa Good Light
PVC dash plate No Bad >6% 60℃ >80Pa No Relatively heavy
aluminum alloy dash plate No Common >5% / >80Pa No Heavy
Iron dash plate No Bad >6% / >80Pa No Heavy