Quiet and clean environment and fresh and wet air make people back to nature.


Though STAND humidifier stands out in the buildings and is surrounded by dry and dirty air, it can provide a comfortable working and living environment for you.


Beijing Stand Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, a hi-tech enterprise in Beijing, has humidifying products of wide range in field. Stand can provide centrifugal humidifier, air and water mixing humidifier, super sonic humidifier, wet film wardrobe humidifier, and various indirect humidifying systems for central air-conditioning system. Additionally, it can also provide high pressure spraying and wet film humidifying system, high pressure light fog humidifying system, electrode, dry vapor, central air conditioning, PTC and other new industrial humidifiers and has the biggest and most advanced research center in humidifying industry


Established in 1992 and located at China silicon valley, Zhongguancun High Tech Park, Stand relies on the latest technology and talent advantage of Chinese Academy of Sciences and makes use of the wide contact with foreign dealers, therefore, it has blossomed into the largest professional manufacturer of humidifier with quality development and production team, highest productivity, and most complete kinds. At present, its products cover the whole nation and are even exported to South East Asia. Stand got ISO9001 International Quality Management Certificate in May 1999 and UKAS Certificate in 2006. With upgrade of products, Stand has become the leader in China humidifier industry.


To become the leader in China humidifier industry and first class enterprise worldwide is our forever goal. We value customer's satisfaction, staff faith, the development of the national industry and the progress of society. We will constantly develop new technology and adopt advanced equipments, testing means and management modes to provide customers with the best products and most complete service, and create the beautiful environment for human to work and live.