Top hotels, office building and villa

Top hotels, office building and villa: Top hotels, office building and villa: humidifying is to provide a comfortable living and working environment for people. The dry air is bad for health, especially in winter in north. The best living and working condition is between 20 ~ 26℃(temperature)and 40 ~ 60 % rh(humidity). Therefore, the static can be avoided.

Recommended humidifying products:

Construction type

Top hotels, office building, villa

Central air conditioning set




Vapor source




eligible humidifying tyes

Dry vapor humidifier
Fast-absorbing dry vapor

Double evaporation, wet film, high pressure light fog, electrode, electronic heating, high pressure spraying

Fan coil, family air-conditioner, PTC electronic heating

Suitable products

SQK series

SYS/L series, SRD series, SMPA series

SMF series