Tobacco industry

Tobacco industry: Tobacco industry: cigarette production has strict requirement to environment and humidity during each procedure from tobacco storage, selecting, re-drying, throwing, to spinning, with relative humidity between 65 ~ 70 % RH. The higher temperature is, the more moisture tobacco contains. In this way, it can enhance tobacco's mechanical strength, reduce broken rate of tobacco leaf and shred, and finally improve finishing rate and quality.

Recommended humidifying products:

Central air conditioning set



Vapor source




Eligible humidifier type

Dry vapor humidifier

High pressure light fog, air and water mixing

Centrifugal humidifier, air and water humidifier, high pressure light fog humidifier

Suitable products (system and mode)

SQ series

SWV system

SKK system

SLB-8.0 SKK system, SWV system