Electron industry

Electron industry: Electron industry: at present, the domestic electron plant has higher standard. In order to ensure product quality, the temperature and humidity must be controlled strictly. Special attention should be paid to humidity since static comes from dry air and it will break CMOS integrated circuit (note: experiment shows that static pressure is 10000V when humidity is 20% RH; and static pressure is 20000V when humidity is between 40 ~ 60%RH ). Besides, the over dry air can make the dust fly and cause respiratory disease, therefore, affect the health and working efficient. Generally speaking, electron factory shall control temperature at about 22 ℃ and humidity in 40 ~ 60%RH, in which people feel comfortable and static doesn't exist

Recommended products:

Central air-conditioning set


Vapor source



Eligible humidifiers

Dry vapor humidifier, Vapor to vapor humidifier

High pressure light fog humidifier,electrode, electric heating

Applied products

SQ series, SQK, STS

SWB series, SD, SRD