Mobile coating industry

Mobile coating industry: Mobile coating industry: some entities in the coating plant, such as: spray chamber, polishing chamber, and gumming chamber, need humidifying sets with temperature between 40 ~ 80 % RH in different seasons to avoid static. Static removal can prevent fire accident caused by volatile gas, dust on the surface and create good air condition for spray treatment and improve mobile equipment quality.

Recommended humidifying products:

Central air conditioning set



Vapor source

(Winter humidifying)Yes



Eligible humidifier type

Dry vapor humidifier, vapor fast diffusing humidifier

High pressure light fog humidifier, wet film humidifier, fog spraying

High pressure light fog humidifier, air and water mixing humidifier

Suitable products

SQ series

SQK series

SWB system

SM system

SWP system

SKK system

SWB system