Air and water combination humidifier

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Air and water combination humidifier

Air and water combination humidifier


Product profile:

  It is especially for large industrial plants, such as textile, printing, tobacco, powder, tea, coating, electric industry, fresh keeping storeroom and big and medium wind treatment machine. It transfers the water and compressed air to control box, then it is sent to special nozzle for jetting after pressure regulation. And it humidifies by cavitation effect. This kind of method is of low cost, high efficiency, low energy, and easy to use and manage.

Product properties:

  ·Big humidifying volume: the nozzle specs are different from 4 to 180/h, which fits for different spaces;

  ·Fine particle and high efficiency: the average diameter of fine particle is 5-8μm and the humidifying efficiency is over 95%;

  ·High reliability: automatic regulation of main machine water pressure and air pressure to guarantee atomizing effect;

  ·Free combination: the number of machine and nozzle can be combined according to space and humidifying volume to perfect humidifying effect;

  ·Automatic cleaning function: the nozzle has automatic cleaning function. It has small maintenance work and can guaranteed perfect function in different conditions;

  ·Humidifying and cleaning: the compressed air of air and water transportation comes from compressed cycling and the virus can not live under the temperature. Though atomized, the un-absorbed water will not atomize again. On every humidifying ending, the system actives the nozzle cycling automatically to blow completely the touching parts from water and air by using compressed air. Therefore, it removes the condition of virus living.

SKK and SKK-A:

  SKK air and water combination humidifier is the direct humidifying machine in room and can be hanged on the wall. It can start humidify by connecting compressed air, water source, power and switch.

  SKK can be used in two ways: the standard machine is SKK-2 (left picture). It is composed by main control box and two sets of nozzle. And it is mainly used for medium and large space humidifying with easy installation.
SKK-3~6’s main control box and nozzle can be used separately, which is used for large volume humidifying. One control box can have six nozzles at most (upper right picture). And water volume regulator can be used then.
The nozzle can be distributed at certain intervals (no more than 5m)

  SKK-A air and water combination humidifier is for air conditioner, fresh air unit and composite air conditioner. And it is compounded by main control box and nozzle. The main control box has decompression structure, electromagnetic valve, pressure controller, pressure meter, control circuit, switch of in-and-out air and water, and insurance. It is in the metal box and installed on the external place of air conditioner. The nozzle has high pressure soft tube and many nozzles according to spraying volume and is installed inside the air conditioner.

Usage condition:

  ·Usage condition
·Power supply: 220V 50Hz
·Power: <70w
·Working condition: 1-40℃ with relative humidity<80%
·Input signal: humidity signal
·Storage condition: 1℃-50℃with relative humidity<80%
·Input air: dry and non-oil pure compressed air
·Input pressure: 5-10bars 
·Feeding air pressure: 3kg-10kg/cm2
·Feeding water pressure: 1.5kg-5kg/cm2
·Blasting temperature: <15℃



SKK-2 SKK-4 SKK-6 SKK-8 SKK-10 SKK-12 SKK-14
Humidifying volume(kg/h) 4-6 10-12 16-18 20-24 27-30 32-34 37-42
Air consumption volume(l/min) 120-160 240-320 360-480 480-640 600-800 720-960  


SKK-16 SKK-18 SKK-20 SKK-30 SKK-40 SKK-50 SKK-60
Humidifying volume(kg/h) 43-48 48-54 54-60 80-90 110-120 140-150 160-180
Air consumption volume(l/min) 680-760 760-850 850-990 1260-1430 1750-1900 2200-2400 2500