Two-time vaporization humidifier

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Two-time vaporization humidifier

Two-time vaporization humidifier


Product profile:


STAND two-time vaporization humidifier comprises pressure spray-type humidifying technology and wet-film vaporization-type humidifying technology, improves the utilization rate greatly. Compared with the traditional pressure spray-type humidifier or wet-film vertical-drainage humidifier, it has higher humidifying efficiency, lower water consumption, and better cleanness. It is suitable for air humidifying treatment of small-ventilation air conditioning system.


Knowledge for STAND humidifying:


Why is not circulating water humidifying mode suitable for small-ventilation air conditioner


As the ventilation of air conditioner is lower, due to small size of air conditioning section and certain height of circulating water tank (it will occupy large vent area), the circulating water humidifying mode will cause larger air resistance in the air conditioner, higher wind speed, block part of heat exchange area of cooling coil and affects the heat exchange volume of air conditioner. Therefore, circulating water humidifying mode is not suitable to use.


If the small ventilation air conditioner chooses water humidifying mode, suggest using STAND two-time vaporization humidifier.


Selecting principle between STAND common type and pressurizing type two-time vaporization humidifier


According to the water supply pressure of user’s water source, STAND two-time vaporization humidifier can be classified into common type and pressurizing type. As the water supply pressure is higher than 2.0bar, common type should be selected; as the water supply pressure is lower than 2.0bar, pressurizing type should be selected. However, as the water pressure is higher than 2.0bar, using pressurizing type will improve atomizing effect and increase humidifying efficiency.


Working conditions:

Environment temperature and humidity

Main body or electric cabinet: 1°C~40°C≤85%RH spray head: 1°C~80°C

Quality of water supply

Running water, purifying water, or alike water

Pressure of water supply


Temperature of water supply


Speed of inlet air


Temperature of inlet air


Humidifier profile:


Two-time vaporization humidifying realizes humidifying air by two-time vaporization. Working principle: the running water is sent to the nozzle through pipeline after it directly pressurizes or humidifying main body pressurizes, and is sprayed from hi-tech atomizing nozzle and atomizes in the air; the sprayed water mist particles exchanges heat with the air; the first vaporization is realized and the air is humidified; the unvaporized water particles are evenly sprayed on the back-end vaporized wet-film and vaporizes secondly, so as to humidify the air. Compared with the common high-pressure atomizing humidifier or wet-film vertical drainage humidifier, it is of higher humidifying efficiency, lower water consumption, safety and reliability. It is suitable for humidifying of small ventilation air conditioner. As it is used in winter, if the inlet water temperature is low, warm up the water by STAND pipe type warmer and then humidify the water, so as to improve humidifying efficiency.


Model description:


  Description: In winter, as the temperature of humidifying water is low, pipe type warmer is recommended to use, so as to improve humidifying efficiency. Pipe type warmer takes back water of heating coil of air conditioner as heating source, without any electrical power consumption.


Technical features:


  ·Adopt hi-tech nozzle; fine atomizing particles and even atomizing.

·Clean running water and 220V power supply can realize humidification.

·High humidifying efficiency; energy saving.

·The humidifying section is short, which save more space.

·The water cannot be used repeatedly, and the humidification is more clean and health.

·The humidifier is equipped with precision wirewound filter, with high filtering precision and without blocked nozzle.


Humidifier main body:


Humidifier main body adopts special imported humidifying pump and metal water-supply electromagnetic valve. The main body is equipped with wetness control interface, which receives DDC or ON/OF dry junction signals of temperature controller. It automatically stops work as there is no water to protect the normal operation of humidifying pump; also it is of fan interlock operation condition indication, failure alarm function and remote control.


Nozzle description:


The nozzle is hi-tech atomizing nozzle imported by STAND Corporation for high-pressure micro-atomizing system. It is made of special material and manufactured by high precision equipment, with spray particle size 30-40 micron and atomizing angle 115 degrees. And the atomizing nozzle is featured by no oxidation, aging resistance, coldness resistance, sunproofness, acid and alkali resistance, no moss or blockage, and long service life. And it is very easy to clean. The nozzle’s features are as follows:


·Diameter of fine spray particle is about 30-40µm.

·With unique filtering structure, so the nozzle is not easy to block.

·Even spray particles distributing, 115-degree atomizing angle.

·Large head interchanging area, high humidifying efficiency. So it saves electrical and water energy.


Precision filter:


STAND high-pressure micro-atomizing humidifier adopts precision filter, and stainless steel shell. High-precision filter element filters every impurity in the water to protect the humidifying nozzle from blocking. And it is easy to assemble and disassemble.


Bipolar wet-film:


According to the usage, two-time vaporization humidifier is equipped with 100mm, 150mm and 200mm bipolar wet-films, with specific surface area of material 1:66. Wet-film is imported product and macromolecular composite material, with good water absorbing performance, innocuity, and acid and alkali resistance. The surface adopts silver ion sterilization, mildewproof, germproof, fireproof and self cleaning. And it can provide wet-film antibacterial report,, noncombustible performance test report of wet-film, performance test report of wet-film and dust-removing test report of wet-film issued by national authorities