PTC humidifier

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PTC humidifier

PTC humidifier


Product Description:


Fresh air ventilator (the ventilator for short) is a new ventilating system employing indoor-outdoor two-way ventilating structure, which can not only fill sufficient, fresh, clean, oxygen-rich air to the chamber, but also exhaust equivalent foul air out of the chamber. Now, this kind of ventilator is very popular among users because it has good insulating and ventilating performance and can solve air pollution produced in room decoration process.


However, during whole ventilation process, indoor air will become very dry after ventilating for a while. This is because the moisture content of outdoor air in winter is very low. Indoor dry air will be at the expense of the health of human beings and the quality of wooden furniture and room decoration. Hence, humidifying can not be neglected!


The temperature of fresh air fed by the ventilator is very low (about 10-12℃ in winter). If we adopt wet-film or ultrasonic isoenthalpy humidifying, we can not meet the requirements of users even in saturated state. Therefore, we have to use electrode or PTC isothermal-wet method to satisfy users.


The working principle of STANDSPT fresh air ventilator series humidifiers is feeding the hot steam produced by PTC electric ceramic heating method to the air outlet of the ventilator in order to complete the humidifying work against fresh dry air. When the room temperature reaches rated value, users can close the humidifier manually or stop it by automatically inputting an electrical signal by temperature sensor. The STANDSPT ventilator is only added a tap water circuit (nominal diameter DN15). Generally, if the ventilation of ventilator is lower than 600m3/h, the ventilator will be equipped with SPT electrode ceramic humidifier; if ventilation is higher than 600m3/h, the ventilator should be equipped with a SD series electrode humidifier!


Remark: Wet-film is not suitable for the fresh air ventilator.


Model Description:


SPT-Steam generating capacity (unit: kg/h)

Product code: STAND fresh air ventilation humidifier (electric ceramics)

For example, SPT-2.4 refers to a STAND fresh air ventilation humidifier whose steam capacity is 2.4kg/h.

Note: STAND fresh air ventilation humidifier is not divided into left or right type, so it can be installed beside the fresh air ventilator or other spaces.




☆Good humidifying performance at low temperature- complete isothermal-wet work in low temperature duct at 10℃

☆Low air resistance- after generated in PTC stainless steel case, steam will be fed to fresh air outlet of ventilator through steam pipes without any resistance.

☆Low water consumption- water can be transformed into steam totally.

☆Safety-unlike electro- thermal pipe, surface temperature of PTC electric ceramics is no more than 200℃ in the event of no water in the tank.

☆Easy cleanness- designed smartly; easy to maintain and clean


Technical Parameter Table:






Air resistance(pa)





Steam capacity(kg/h)










Power supply











(1)SD is the model of electrode humidifier.

(2)The main frames of SPT and SD electric humidifiers are mounted beside the outlet of fresh air ventilator. Steam produced by the main frames will flow into duct via the lances and then humidify the dry fresh air at low constant temperature.


Schematic Diagram of the Unit:


(1)Water resource: Tapping in clean tap water with DN15 standard inner screwed joint


(2)Drainage: If there is outfall in the room, you can connect the drain of PTC electric ceramic humidifier with the outfall with metal pipe; if there is not a outfall, you should clean scales and impurities out of humidifiers regularly.


(3)Control: STAND Company’s PTC electric ceramic humidifier can control the humidity by humidity sensor controller and power supply switch. Detailed modes should be marked when designing.


Notice of Design & Selection:


(1)When designing and selection humidifiers, the model of PTC electric ceramic humidifier corresponding to fresh air ventilator is only needed. This kind of humidifier is not divided into left or right type.


(2)There are two types of humidity control model: humidity sensor controller and power switch manual controller. Choose suitable one, please. The former is installed indoors, such as PHY60.001, LCD ST505 or duct installation ST-9.


(3)Try to use softened water. STAND Company can provide matching softener