Quick steam diffusion humidifier

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Quick steam diffusion humidifier

Quick steam diffusion humidifier




  Work for central AC and fresh air unit within humidifier section




  *Unique steam/water collecting pipe design ensures thorough separation between steam and water.

*Nozzle design avoids no condensed water being ejected out.

*Sufficient contact and complete mix between steam and air flow reduces steam absorption distance greatly.

*Absorption distance can be shortened to the greatest extent.

*Easy to install in vertical air flow and convenient to apply

*Work at arbitrary pressure

*It needs no steam preheating; there is no water in steam pipe; it humidifies cleanly.

*Air thermal radiation action by steam humidifier with thermal insulation coating is reduced greatly, which can efficiently diminish temperature rising effect caused by steam lances and can not scald people if touch by accident.


Working principle:


  Humid steam regulated by depressurizing device, strainer device and regulating valve is fed into the distribution pipes of steam quick absorption humidifier and is separated from condensed water by special structure. After separation, dry steam is delivered into steam distribution pipes evenly and ejected through heat resisting metal nozzles so as to achieve even ejection and diffusion in AC and shorten steam diffusing distance greatly. Separated condensed water flows out of AC chamber via a collecting pipe.


Insulating coating:


  After spraying high-tech vacuum ceramic particle insulating coating on the surface of stainless steel steam collection pipe and distribution pipe, steam thermal radiation will reduce by 90% (internal steam temperature is over 100℃, but surface temperature is about 50℃), which can not only decrease temperature rising of air and condensed water, but also improve the safety and prevent the scald.


Overall schematic diagram:


 ●Vertical, quick absorption pipe



 ●Horizontal, quick absorption pipe


Model designation:


Technical Performance Specification Table

Table1:Size of steam distribution pipes

Table 2:Max. steam capacity


Max. steam capacity(kg/h)









Space of distribution pipes(mm)

Max. steam capacity(kg/h)









Size Selection:


  When AC unit chooses quick absorption dry steam humidifier, the surface dimension (that of distributing manifold and collecting pipe is exempted) should comply with that of cool and hot coils. Besides, enough headroom should be reserved to install condensed water discharge pipes.


Selection Parameter:


  Interior cross sectional size of AC chamber;


  Ventilation of fresh air and return air;


  Temperature and humidity before humidifying;


  Temperature and humidity after humidifying;


  Length of humidification section;


Concept of Absorption Distance:


  If the distance between dry steam humidifier’s mounting position and lower objects in AC unit and duct is too short, the steam ejected from dry steam humidifier will meet cool objects before it diffuses into air. Saturated steam will produce condensed water once meeting cool objects and lead to serious faults, such as humidity-resistance of lower medium-and high-efficient strainer being increased dramatically, fan and duct entraining water and motor being burned. To avoid above-mentioned phenomena, the shortest distance between steam lance of AC unit and lower objects is stipulated, namely absorption distance. When absorption distance becomes very short, quick steam diffusion humidifier will be used.


Model Selection Examples:


  Fresh air unit’s ventilation V=17000m3/h; AC inner hot coil’s sectional dimension: height × width=1000mm×2100mm; room temperature in winter: -12℃; relative humidity: 60%RH; heating temperature after heated by hot coil: 13℃; relative humidity: 10%RH, humidify the steam, the temperature and humidity is 13℃ and 90%RH respectively and humidifying distance should be less than 1,000mm.


  1、Calculate humidifying capacity: humidifying capacity is 152.5kg/h


  2、Due to the condensing loss, required steam capacity: W×(1.1~1.15)=170kg/h


  3、According to provided absorption distance, 6-lance quick absorption dry steam humidifier is selected.


  The model is SQK-1000-2100-6-H.


  If requiring thermal insulation coating, SQK(B)-1000-2100-6-H is available.


  Because calculation formula about the absorption distance of dry steam humidifier is very complex, we do not give an example. Here we suggest design institutes or AC manufacturers contacting us directly for fast technical support about steam absorption distance and fast absorption pipes and models so as to reach the purpose of “design and select accurately and simply”.