Water mist spraying system

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Water mist spraying system

Water mist spraying system


Product profile:


The high efficient and energy saving spraying system is a kind of new air treatment system with properties of traditional humidifying, temperature reducing and air cleaning and low power consumption, good humidifying, secondary heating disk pipe saving, good cleaning, non-water and variable frequency and energy saving operation. At present, it is used in coating field, new wind temperature reducing field and electronics field to replace traditional products.


Comparison between traditional spraying system and new water mist spraying system :


Traditional spraying system:


1: The water perocolation is serious in spraying chamber and the traditional PVC or metal dash plate can not stop it.

2: the humidity may exceed in spring, autumn and summer. Especially in summer temperature reducing, if using secondary steam heating disk pipe to increase temperature and remove humidity, the cooling volume from water steaming will waste.

3: Through secondary heating disk pipe adjusting, the humidity accuracy is hard to control.

4: The humidifying effect is bad in winter: The water pressure is low, the particle is large, and the air and water exchange rate is low in traditional spraying chamber. The humidifying effect is bad in winter while blasting under low temperature.


High efficient and energy saving water mist spraying system:


1: Better improvement of water passing problem and the water passing rate is only 1/80 of that before

2: The gas water passing problem between frames can be solved completely

3: Without secondary heat disk pipe temperature increasing, the blasting humidity can be controlled accurately in the required range.

4: Better improvement of gasification in winter; it is to humidify effectively under low blasting temperature

5: Cost saving


a. The spraying section can be shortened to 1.5m from 2.5~2.6m

b. Secondary heat disk pipe saving ;

c. Front-end air deflector saving


Technical index comparison between traditional spraying system and new water mist spraying system:




◆Water spraying chamber air treatment project;


◆With humidifying, temperature reducing and de-dusting function;


◆Compounded by nozzle, pump station, dash plate, cycling water tank and pipe line




◆The water spraying particle in spraying chamber is smaller than that in traditional textile spraying chamber (about 1‰);


◆Since the particle is small, the heat exchange is better between spraying chamber and air. And it has better humidifying, temperature reducing and de-dusting effect.


◆Different dash plate material


Temperature control:


●The traditional spraying chamber usually has one or two water pump and carries out grade one or two switch mode to control. The blasting humidity can not be controlled.


●The new type spraying chamber usually uses variable frequency to regulate the spraying volume and the blasting humidity is also in the controlled range.


Conclusion: Obviously, the blasting humidity is better in new type spraying chamber than in traditional spraying chamber. And the blasting humidity in is the controlled range. But the traditional spraying chamber needs secondary heat disk pipe (huge investment and bad effect) to realize general regulation (can not be carried out in summer).